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Is there any hardware manufactures, similar to Particle.IO, that handle the back end services like OTA updates, etc, and allow 3rd party SIM’s like Hologram? I would rather not create my own if there is a decent platform out there. Particle is becoming more and more unfriendly to 3rd party SIM’s.


I’ve been playing with the Digi Xbee 3 cellular devices. Digi has their Remote Manager platform that provides many of the device management features. I used it for a while with some of their larger devices such as their industrial cellular gateways. The pricing / billing was not as friendly as Particle but that was several years ago. I can’t speak to their current model.

One caution about using the Xbee 3 with a Hologram SIM…Digi puts their own AT command set on top of the cellular module by default. I found that configuring the device and troubleshooting connections was a little limited. You can bypass the Digi abstraction but then the development experience is a little less refined. Hologram has suggested it is worth the effort to have more control of cellular module configuration.

Laguna Research has one. Client API for sending data, annotations and logs. Command and control. Secure OTA updates. Persistence, alerting, graphing. Cloud agnostic, hardware agnostic.

Hi Steve ,We are a startup and will be coming out of stealth mode soon .We are communications technology/ sensor/industry agnostic and are bringing into market a full IOT platform consisting of hardware and software…Our cell modules include a micro . This along with our highly usable base board allows powering via different means : Battery/AC/ Solar… and integrating with Raspberry pi a breeze as it can stack on Raspberry pi gpio pins . Would love to share more details. Let me know if you are interested.

If you have more info or a website please send it along to me.


Hi Steve

Please email me at nnukala (at) gmail (dot) com . We are still in sort of stealth mode


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