Is Hologram getting the short end of the stick??



What’s wrong with the system? I received an email that stated investigating reports of lost packages, and I agree from my end. However, it also said it was fixed. I don’t agree. I PING the network to T-Mobile in my area so went and bought a new T-Mobile SIM card, changed the “APN” and BAM, it worked… Any thoughts as to why hologram is having issues? At least more often than a SIM using the same network…

Hologram SIM Timeout for UDP (used on Particle hardware)

Hi, we’re not seeing any outages on the network right now and our own pingers are not detecting any packet loss. Can you provide more information about the problem that you’re seeing?


I’ll get this, but I’m using AT commands and receiving an error at a command I don’t receive otherwise using the same network.








Bad response, Code: -1

Should I show you a successful attempt using T-Mobile SIM?


Hi, @Contemporary_Mgmt,

What are the outputs of the following commands?




Hi, No problem.
+CREG: 0,5


+CGREG: 0,5


+CSQ: 8,0



You do seem to be connected to the tower properly. What’s the result of AT+COPS??


Doesnt +CREG: 0,5 mean:

  • <Mode> 0 = disable network registration unsolicited result code
  • <Status> 5 = registered, roaming

The AT command manuals I have looked at (SimCOM, U-Blox, Telit) list the +CREG? resonse as:
+CREG: <mode>,<stat>

This means Contemporary’s device is successfully connected right?

EDIT: Just for another datapoint, I have 21 devices on T-Mobile 2G (SIM800H module) with Hologram simcards in 9 states that are successfully sending messages although my message rate is only once every 2 hours so not a lot of data. But I don’t think there is a service issue between T-Mobile and Hologram.


Thanks, @AndrewGifft. I updated my post.

I was using the M2M Support article as a reference, which appears to be incorrect in this case.

SIM900 manual is correct:


CSQ of 8 is very low. Maybe just not getting a good signal to the tower?


Thanks, I thought so. I can’t seem to figure out why my service is somewhat better using the other card when it’s supposed to be on the same network though.


Thanks, perhaps… But hasn’t been an issue otherwise.


Are you using tmobile in The Netherlands?
There I see a huge differency in packet transfer (loss) between tmobile and others like kpn and vodafone.
(tmobile is the worst)


My apologies, I’m in Missouri in the United States. I’m Using T-mobile now and it’s working great… I Don’t understand why Hologram is not working as well…


Hi, Thanks, but I don’t agree. At least in my area.

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