Is it possible to creating VPN to AWS VPC and have devices talk directly to our VPC?


Is it possible to have a VPN tunnel to an AWS VPC? If so, what is the pricing? Thanks.

Hi, we are currently beta testing a tunneling service so that should work. Are you trying to create an inbound connection to the SIM?

Yes. Additionally, I would like the ability to have the devices connect to private end points.

Would this be additional costs?

Also, would VPC peering be an option?


No additional cost for hooking up to another API. We’ll get back to you about VPC peering.


Any update on whether VPC peering is an option?

Also, as for VPN, are there documentation for such a setup?



Hello @rsriprac,

VPC peering is not yet an option, but a great idea. It’s in our feature requests now.

For inbound access, take a look at ktunnel. It’s currently in Private Beta, but follow the instructions there and we can get you access. Additional transport (protocol) options are on their way!

There is no cost to use this service or our APIs.


Hello, is there any update wrt VPC Peering or VPC Endpoints support?