is there a SDK available in .NET/WinIOT UWP applications on Raspberry PI 3


Hello! I have a question. I have a WinIOT UWP application built in .NETCore on the raspberry PI 3. i want to integrate internet connectivity within my application and raspberry pi 3 so it can have its standalone internet connectivity. I did some research online and figured hologram seemed something of what i’m looking for. I seen that only a python SDK is available. is there a Win IOT SDK available? is there a workaround regarding my scenario? can anyone suggest any feedback would be greatly appreciated! What im really asking is can the terminal be accessed in windows device manager while the raspberry pi is running while a application is active and can i install the hologram sdk.(this is a question i just thought of) Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hey Nijoel,

At the moment we don’t have an official Win IOT SDK, but one of our full stack engineers created a C++ SDK as a side project that should help out here.



Hi, Maiky!

Thank you for responding to my post! I wanted to ask just this. Is it possible to just install the hologram on the raspberry pi in windows device portal (Raspberry pi 3) web services? e.g. once the pi is configured with win iot install then go to windows devices portal and install hologram from there? my main end goal is to have hologram installed to my raspberry pi so the pi can have internet connectivity that’s it. Thank you!


Hi Nijoel,

Sorry I was in China when this popped up on the forums and just got back today. I am not entirely sure what you are asking here as there are many ways of connecting to the internet on the raspberry pi, do you have our USB Nova modem and are trying to use it with the Windows IoT Core?

The current state of things for the Windows IoT Core as far as Hologram is concerned is this:

  • The Python SDK will not work currently,

    • we are working on some other features for that right now and as it stands embedded linux is our main focus with that. I have done some portability alterations on my own ( for windows desktop compatibility and python 3 migration but as far as I know it will not run on the IoT Core
  • The Unoffical C++ SDK does run on the IoT Core but it is missing a core feature

    • Unfortunately Microsofts support of cellular modems for the IoT Core is laughably shallow and as there is no native PPP stack everything has to be done through the modem socket and AT commands. As it stands there a persistent connection is not possible though that is something I am working on in my free time to fix.

Since these are software frameworks you won’t be able to just install them like an application or a package you will have to write your own software that extends the SDK with the functionality you need it to perform. You can learn more about deploying your application here:


Hi, Dom

Thank you for responding quickly on this! However, I wanted to ask. which calls in the SDK will give general internet connection? and, will it be a persistent connection after the application stops running or a stable connection requires the application to continue?


Right now there is no persistent connection until a proper connection stack is built out. Usually you would use RAS to establish a connection but the actual dial out functionality doesn’t exist on the IoT Core. You can establish a connection sending AT commands but handling traffic is a bit more difficult doing that.

Ideally once its further along you would just call the connect() function but right now that doesnt really do anything. As it is currently designed the connection would be torn down when the program exits which I think is the better practice in the long run.

I was going to do more of this while I was on vacation but I left my nova on the plane so that didn’t end up happening


Hi, Dom!

Thank you for the news! I was really hoping there was support. Will that exist in the near future?


Define near future…

I would like to include a wide swath of supported languages like c#, Java, etc… though my largest blocker is time since working on those only happens after work. I am admittedly less familiar with c# so it might take a bit.


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