Issue on version 0.10.1 in Arduino 1.6.11


I found out that the sample code konekt_user_module_serial_gateway.ino is not logging into Arduino’s Serial Monitor when using version 0.10.1.
I read somewhere that 0.10.x is a major rework from earlier version and I got a hunch to see if older version will work… and it did.
Are there online resources on what to ‘refactor’ in existing sample codes to make it work in 0.10.1? Or is this a bug that needs to be addressed?

[Solved] Code Refactoring from Old Passthrough Firmware to HologramCloud.enterPassthrough()

Yeah, we’re working on updating that code so that it uses the new Dash API. Give us a couple days to get that out.

Note that all the sketch will do once we update it will be to send data to the cloud. I saw your other post that you’re trying to send AT commands directly to the modem. We have a new API specifically for doing this and will post more information about that soon.

However, you may want to take a look at our docs. If all you want to do is receive SMS, we have a good way to do that now:

Also, take a look at the example code available in the Arduino IDE by doing “File->Examples->Examples For Dash” (you may need to update your IDE for them to show up.) There might be some useful items in there for you.

Sending SMS AT commands in Serial pass through sample code

Thanks Reuben for the heads up.
Why I need AT commands badly is because PH is not covered by Hologram SIM, thus I need to change the APN setting via AT+CGDCONT.
Second is I need to send SMS and GPRS data from DASH to mobile/server. I’m trying out SMS first when I hit the wall. Am I good to start now with the GPRS, or I should wait for the DASH API?