Issue with Cloud

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What are you sending. Our cloud is actually throwing up some errors right now and I wonder if it’s related.

+EVENT:SMSRCVD,13,I need pizza!
+EVENT:LOG,38,5,DEBUG,27,Opening connection to cloud
+EVENT:LOG,42,5,DEBUG,31,Data successfully sent to cloud

Message sent to cloud -> I’m bringing Lou Malnati’s pizza.

Ah, our cloud is more of a Pequod’s fan so maybe that’s your problem

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Hmm for real though, there’s nothing weird about that message. We’ll see if it’s a bug on our end.

Mmm, “(no user, no pw)”?

Connection Info (no user, no pw)

Looks like one of our databases is undergoing maintenance. We’re working to bring it back up. All your messages should be submitted once it comes back up.

Everything should be working fine now. Let us know if it’s good for you.

Yep, it’s working for me … thanks for the help Reuben.

Great, I’m gonna close this thread.