Issues Connecting to GSM with Freematic One Dongle



I am using the Freematic One ( OBDII Dongle to read data from my Car. I then wish to use the Hologram SIM card to send data through the SIM3560 in the Freematic, to our server.
Unfortunately, I have ran across some problems.

Here is their config file here (APN starts at line 15ish). We replace it with:

define APN "hologram"
define SERVER_URL "our IP address"
define SERVER_PORT 8081
— Deleted #define SERVER_KEY “TEST_SERVER_KEY”

However, we keep getting errors (with no clear error message) on our Freematic. Any help?

Edit: After further use, the APN isn’t connecting for some reason.


Make sure your SIM card is inserted the correct way… Lesson learned.