Issues getting DashPro to registered on COM ports


I’m trying to run through the samples listed here: and I’m having trouble getting my device recognized on two different Windows 10 machines.

My goal was to run through running the DashPro in Simple Serial Gateway mode via USB, then load custom software via USB using Arduino. The problem is this device is never listed in any of my COM ports.

When trying to run thorugh the Simple Gateway sample, I’m using the Arduino IDE’s Serial Monitor for testing, but this won’t work as I have no COM devices available.

When trying to upload a program, I simpley get the error “Error Updating Over USB”.

When I plug in the device, all lights appear to work properly.

Are there any driver’s that need to be installed? Are there extra steps not listed in the documentation?


Hi Jim,
How old is your board? Are you running the latest firmware?
Are you pushing the PGM button before attempting to program it?