Issues with REST API error parameter

I’m working with the REST documentation to build a REST Client. When I use the “error” parameter as specified in the “List Data Engine Messages” section I don’t get any errors, but the “data” fields is Null for all my messages.

I’ve figured out that if I use “errors” instead of “error” my data is returned to me as expected. Is this a typo in the documentation or is something else going on here?

So you’re putting error=1 in the url? That should only return items where at least one of the items in the matched_rules array has an error in it. It shouldn’t affect the data field at all so it’s possible that those are just the entries with errors.

Thanks for the quick reply Reuben. I was putting error=true in the url. Your explanation explains the behavior I was seeing. Could you/your team update the documentation to reflect this? Right now all I could find about it on the REST API page was “Return error messages.” This is pretty vague. I interpreted this to mean it would return the error status or perhaps more detailed error information if there was an issue.

Is there somewhere I can read more about the matched_rules array and what would cause one of its elements to have an error in it?

Yeah we’ll make a note to get that updated.

That array contains a list of all of the routes that were triggered by that message. If there was an error there should be an error message in there that hopefully explains what happened.

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