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I’m using the NovaM with a custom IoT device to gain Internet access. My device includes a JVM and its software is 98% Java. I’m wondering if others are using Java too?

I wrote a handy Java utility for managing the NovaM. It’s called,


and it can be run at the command line (or from with another program) and accepts these options:

usage: modem_nova [<flag> [-v] ]
                   -conflict       is another program using the dev returned by -f
                   -connect <file> connect using AT commands in <file>
                   -cycle_power    cycle modem power
                   -driver         install driver (if not installed)
                   -f              find /dev attached to modem (e.g. /dev/ttyUSB2)
                   -get_provider   get allowed provider
                   -ids            show IMEI (the module ID) and CCID (the SIM card ID)
                   -init           initialize modem: nb_off use_any
                   -is_nb          is NB1 enabled {'Y', 'N', 'error'}
                   -nb_off         do not allow NB1
                   -nb_on          allow NB1
                   -reg            current registration and signal power in dBm
                   -reset_usb      reset usb port
                   -settings       show important settings
                   -use_any        connect to any provider
                   -use_att        connect only to ATT
                   -use_verizon    connect only to Verizon
                   -version        show module/firmware versions
                   -v              add -v for verbose output
                   -h              show these choices

It’s only 16K bytes long. I have no idea if others might find this useful.

If you run it with the -v option, you’ll be able see exactly which AT commands are sent, along with the Nova responses.


I would find this useful. Do you have plans to put it up on Github?


Hi @ndrake, I was not planning to post it to Github. However, if you would like a copy of the jar file I’ll be happy to send it to you via e-mail.

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