JSON interpretation seems incorrect with the Embedded API

Hi everyone!
I have a problem with the Embedded API and Advanced Webhook Builder.

Let’s say I’m sending a request like this:
echo '{"k":"ABC","d":"{"s":"f","t":"18","h":"34","c":"1362"}","t":"aq"}' | nc -i1 cloudsocket.hologram.io 9999
It isn’t accepted by the socket with response:

I figured out the reason for this - the character { is recognised as the only data I’m sending. This causes the interpretation to look like this:

I can change the double quotes to single quotes, and that looks correct:
Adnotacja 2020-04-25 195631
It’s accepted by the socket:
However, the log shows a response like that:

– it has no quotes and does not work with an Advanced Webhook Builder route like this one:

Sending {"s":"f","t":"18","h":"34","c":"1362"} using the simulate feature works, and I receive the data at the URL, but sending from the netcat command does nothing (the endpoint isn’t even triggered).
Exchanging { } for [ ] also doesn’t help.

What am I doing wrong?

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