Kickstarter Dash not showing up on USB


I have a Kickstarter ‘Konekt’ Dash that has been sitting in its box for the last couple of years. I wanted to get it out and make something with it. This is the first time out of the box. Some of its behavior is not similar to what is described in the current documentation - there are three LEDs at the ‘top’ corners of the board that are continuously on, and one (the ‘user’ led) is occasionally flashing. And it’s not showing up on USB in Arduino, or with the standalone updater (which I figured might be worth a try). Any tips on getting this guy connected would be appreciated. I’m using Mac OS X Sierra.


OK, got access through the updater after figuring out what behavior to expect, and have loaded the REPL program.

I’m situated in downtown Chicago. However, I’m not getting any connectivity - e.g.
Dash>cloud connect
Connecting… Failed
No signal. Check antenna.

The device is seeing my SIM card, since it can identify it:
Dash>cloud iccid

And the antenna is plugged in.

Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks.