Konekt not working with SIM800L in Sweden?

Hi, I’m trying to use my konekt sim in a SIM800L located in Gothenburg, Sweden.
I have activated the sim and added a plan and have a positive account balance.
Still I can’t join the network. I have a example arduino program I’m using and by just changing the APN and the physical SIM to a swedish prepaid card I can connect just fine and get a DHCP IP and make TCP connections and send and receive data over GPRS. But when using APN “apn.konekt.io” and the Konekt SIM i can’t join the network.

In Arduino I use this library:

This is the relevant part of my sample code, when using konekt it gets stuck at “gprs join network error”

GPRS gprs;

void setup() {
  Serial.println("GPRS - HTTP Connection Test...");  
  while(0 != gprs.init()) {
     Serial.println("init error");
  while(!gprs.join("apn.konekt.io")) {  //change to your own APN
      Serial.println("gprs join network error");
  // successful DHCP
  Serial.print("IP Address is ");

So we actually have a tutorial on this modem here: https://content.konekt.io/blog/arduino-on-cellular/

Our tutorial uses AT commands directly. I’m not sure what the difference is between the AT commands we’re using and how their library does the connection. Try out the sketch on that tutorial and see how it works.

We’ll investigate to see if they’re doing something different. I wonder if they’re disabling roaming as our SIMs require it.

Correction, that tutorial is for the SIM900 modem, but it’s the modem that goes with that library that you’re using.

Actually, I just looked up your account and it looks like something went wrong with your SIM activation. Sorry for not catching that earlier. You should be good to go now.