Konekt updater error updating over USB

Arduino 1.6.7 on MAC basic “Hello World” sketch. I compile with a warning about SPI (ignored) but I get a popup that reads Konekt error updating over USB. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I just read that there is no USB updater for MAC. I will try OTA I guess

Where did you read that? We’ll need to correct.
It does work on Mac. Make sure to hit the PGM button.

PGM ? You mean program?

I read that the Konekt updater is only available for Windows and will soon be available for MAC
Under the downloads section I think. That was many safari tabs ago.

Yep, if you look on the flyer that came with the Dash, it should point out the program button. You need to push this before updating over USB. You’ll notice that the blinking will change to blink-blink-off when it’s in program mode.

I didnt get a flyer (I got this dash at the AT&T hackathon in Vegas recently). I am however working with a customer that if the project goes forward may require hundreds of dashes in Q4 scaling to many times that within the next two years. I was planning on testing with the Particle Electron as I am a huge fan of the core and photon as well as their platform. So I am kind of doingmy own version of a bake off :smile:

Is there a link to this flyer that I would have received?

Here is the link that shows the mac version is coming soon.


dash_pro_product_launch_flyer.pdf (197.9 KB)

thanks. This is different than what is on your website

Ah, I’ll add the Mac Updater on that link. If you’re using the Arduino Integration by following these instructions [ https://content.konekt.io/tutorials/hardware/konekt-dash/getting-started/#programming-the-konekt-dash-using-the-arduino-ide ] then you should be good to go already.

Yes, pushing the button was the trick.

Ok, glad to hear. We’re still working on getting this explained better in our docs and eventually we may eliminate the need to hit the program button entirely.

Does OTA also require the pushing of the button (which I would assume doesn’t but it didn’t work for me)

No, OTA doesn’t need a button push. Not sure why that wouldn’t be working. Sometimes it takes a few minutes. You may just want to try sending the update and then let the board sit for a couple minutes.

If you have the serial monitor open in Arduino, you should see some messages when the update starts.