Last Active "an hour ago" but no data


Hello everyone,
We have a konekt with a temperature sensor and a buoy. The problem is the following: The device was put in place by the end of November, beginning of December. The device was sending data correctly until February 1, 2018 and since then it has not sent any data, however on the Hologram platform the Last Active column shows that it was active one hour ago. The device is in a difficult place to access (but not impossible) and that’s why I decided to ask here first if any administrator is able to see some type of record that can give us a clue or a user who has happened something similar. The first test that we will perform depending on the answers given here, will be to restart the device. As you see?



Hi Francisco,

The “last active” is that device talking to the tower, not necessarily sending any useful data. Do you see any data packets in the console on your dashboard? If not, it would seem that nothing is reaching the server and a restart may be required.



I can not see anything in the console, so I found it strange that the device was active and did not send anything. Is it likely that the sketch was frozen? We will try to restart the device to see if we are lucky and say something. Thanks Chris!


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