Lat long not returned in "List individual sessions and their data usage API"

I am unable to see lat and long values returned from “list individual sessions api”

I get the below response:
“success”: true,
“limit”: 2,
“size”: 2,
“continues”: true,
“links”: {
“path”: “/api/1/usage/data”,
“base”: “”,
“next”: “/api/1/usage/data?limit=2&linkid=XXXXX&apikey=XXXXXX&orgid=22805&startafter=625887324”
“lastid”: 625887324,
“data”: [
“linkid”: XXXXX,
“record_id”: 625897487,
“session_begin”: “2019-08-13 09:09:55”,
“timestamp”: “2019-08-13 09:10:09”,
“bytes”: 2370,
“imei”: “3557030954651003”,
“cellid”: 15029,
“lac”: 11159,
“radio_access_technology”: “3G”,
“network_name”: “AMX Argentina S.A.”
“linkid”: XXXX,
“record_id”: 625887324,
“session_begin”: “2019-08-13 08:53:58”,
“timestamp”: “2019-08-13 08:54:14”,
“bytes”: 2937,
“imei”: “3557030954651003”,
“cellid”: 48457,
“lac”: 11159,
“radio_access_technology”: “3G”,
“network_name”: “AMX Argentina S.A.”

Can we get those details ?

Hi @Karthick_Manickam,

That API endpoint does not return lat/long. Right now, the API can return lat/long for the most recent session. This is available using the /devices endpoint.

There is a guide in the Help Center explaining how to get lat/long for the most recent session using the Hologram REST API. You can also refer to the REST API documentation.


I checked that. But i need lat long for all past sessions. Is that possible ?
Because i need to track the path travelled by the device. Please suggest If you have any other options.

Hey @Karthick_Manickam,

That information is not currently available using the REST API. However, I can see how this could be useful and will pass it along to our product team to see if this fits into our roadmap.


Thanks Sara.

You should do this yourself by periodically hitting the API for each device. For example you can grab the most recently location every 30 minutes for your device and store the lat/long in a database, text file, whatever. This way you control the rate and lifetime of the data you store.

Also note that the lat/long provided by hologram is not that accurate. Good enough for city level accuracy I would say. Some of mine are within ~200m some are off by 20+ miles. If you want better accuracy I would suggest supplementing with GPS or geolocate with WiFi

Thank you!. Thats what i should do for now. Should checkout something better than this :slight_smile:

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