LED's and Pushbuttons - What are the functions?


Hi, Team Konekt, and Community,

My Dash has, I believe, 3 teeny-tiny pushbuttons and 4 adorable yet very bright LED’s.

I know about the PROGRAM button and the associated LED. Anyone know what the other buttons and lights do?

Thanks in advance!


Hello MichaelM,

I’ve added the following to the Operations Manual: https://content.konekt.io/docs/hardware/konekt-dash/manual/

This diagram should clear some things up. Please feel free to ask more questions if this is ambiguous.


Hey, Duke,

Excellent info – really helps my pathological Engineer’s Curiosity and furthers my general understanding of the boards.

Referring to an earlier post from you – ya, they need to let you out of your cage more! :slight_smile:


Hey, Duke,

Here’s another HW question: I see that there are 3 CPU speeds for the Dash (120, 100, and 48 Mhz). I assume that 48 runs slower, cooler, and uses less power than 100 and 120, but maybe that has nothing to do with anything… How are the CPU speeds determined and/or selected? Are there 3 different boards out there? Darned engineer’s curiosity again…