Lipo battery failsafe cutoff?

I just want to make sure that if I hook up a lipo battery that the Dash won’t discharge it to a damaging level? I can’t seem to find this anywhere and I’m sure you guys thought of it I just want to be sure.

Hello @ddubick!

First, head over to and make sure you have your jumpers placed in the correct position. We ship the jumpers in DC only mode.

The jumpers are being designed out on the next sustainability design, but for now you will have to choose one mode or the other.

The battery is charged by

We only recommend using a lipo/lithium ion battery that has protection circuitry built into it. That should take care of accidental shorts and discharge below a certain threshold. The batteries shipped by Konekt all have protection circuitry built into it.

As of right now, I think the sleep mode is still in an internal release, but that should change soon. The plan is to have the System IC poll the battery monitor and force everything on the board to go into deep sleep / shutdown if the battery voltage goes below a certain value. Keep an eye on for the sleep updates.

What is likely to happen is the battery voltage will drop below the point of biasing the ICs and they will effectively shut off. That being said, having the extra protection on the battery should protect your setup.