Locate with Nova R410-M

I’m trying to get location working on my Nova – I also opened a github issue in the python repo.

Can anyone provide a set of AT commands to get location and then I can implement it in python.
From the ublox documentation in the serial console I do:


which returns


but after the 120 seconds timeout with no coordinates:

+UULOC: 08/07/2020,00:23:53.000,0.0000000,0.0000000,0,20000000

I also afterward run


which confirms my previous command worked.


Do I have to be connected to the hologram network before running these commands? When I run

sudo hologram network connect

I can no longer access the serial console once I run hologram console commands, so I can’t test that.

According to this: https://www.u-blox.com/en/docs/UBX-16019228

This modem can GNSS via modem. Have you tried setting the “sensor” parameter to 1?

I also see this note in the AT manual: “If no position is available (no GNSS coverage, no network information and no previous data available) then the latitude and longitude will be set to ‘0’.”

Thanks for help and for the doc, I also use: https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/SARA-R4_ATCommands_(UBX-17003787).pdf

I try


with same response:


+UULOC: 08/07/2020,14:44:40.000,0.0000000,0.0000000,0,20000000

I think maybe for 2 reasons:

  1. Do I have to power on the GNSS beforehand?

    • I try +UGPS command which "Switches on or off a u-blox GNSS receiver connected to the cellular module via a dedicated DDC (I2C) interface. "
    • I try from the documentation: AT+UGPS=1,0,1
    • But this gives:+CME ERROR: General failure
  2. I am inside a building, so GNSS would probably not work. Any suggestions for CellLocate?

I think I am looking for a set of AT commands that will connect me to the hologram network so I can then try this location command while connected to the network. Is this possible?

I don’t think GNSS is built-in to the module. It’s a separate receiver that the module firmware happens to have built-in support for.
The Cell Locate feature is new to this firmware version of the the R410 so we haven’t had much of a chance to try it out. We’ll see if we can reproduce your issue

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According to AT manual, cell locate is not supported:

SARA-R410M-02B / SARA-R410M-52B / SARA-R412M
• “sensor”=2 is not supported by SARA-R410M-02B-00, SARA-R410M-02B-01, SARA-R410M-52B-00, SARA-R410M-52B-01, SARA-R412M-02B-00 and SARA-R412M-02B-01.

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Ahhhhhhh good catch… so I guess I’m gathering not possible to get location on this model :frowning:

How does something like “Google Maps” get your location via internet? If I query their API you think it would be able to determine location? Any other suggestions?

Ah yep, you’re right. UBlox hasn’t put that on the R410 yet. I think they were talking about doing it in a future release but not sure when that would be. Will check on release notes we have here.

Google will probably not be accurate as it will only be able to use your IP which will just be the IP of a cellular gateway somewhere in the world. You can use our location API if you want. It comes back on the /devices endpoint. We can probably get you location within 1km. Docs available here: https://www.hologram.io/references/http#/reference/devices/retrieve-a-device/retrieve-a-device

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Thanks here is your API (6 mile difference):
Here is google maps:

Unfortunately we need much more accuracy. Hopefully there’s a new release soon. Do you sell any of these Nova LTEs with earlier compatible chip?

Hmm yeah, cell towers are probably more spread out by you so can’t get super close.
The U201 module had it. You can still buy that version of the Nova at Mouser: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Hologram/NOVA-U201?qs=PqoDHHvF649F2a6%2B52yBxA%3D%3D
It’s only 2G/3G though so keep that in mind.

Unfortunately, need an LTE solution

May need a GPS/Cellular combo solution then. There are various things out there. You could also try buying the ublox GNSS module separately and soldering to the exposed GPIO contacts on the side of the Nova. Probably more of a project than you’re looking for though. We haven’t actually tried that here so probably couldn’t support.

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Or if you’re using a raspberry pi with the Nova, you can try to find a separate GPS receiver for it. Maybe something like this: https://www.adafruit.com/product/4279?gclid=Cj0KCQjw3ZX4BRDmARIsAFYh7ZKbqbQ8CatfUxkw3tZL6PwVj2WI4ha8_N9CcUvv1774pORGPSHPEsYaAq52EALw_wcB

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Anything on the release notes show up? I think the SARA-R510M8S chip is going to be perfect because it also has built in GPS. I read an article which says it’s supposed to be released in Q2.

Do you guys think you’ll make a NOVA batch with this chip? Otherwise I may look towards your open source CAD files to manufacture. I noticed there’s only the U201 schematic in that repo (although there is a BOM) - would you guys consider posting the R410 version as well? It would help gauge what needs to be changed for an R5 chip.

Checked with FutureElectronics – should be in stock 9-9-2020. Also checking elsewhere.