Lost Modem /Network connection

Starting about a day and half ago I cannot get any connection through my modem.
Model: SARA-U201
Equipment: Raspberry Pi
Everything was working fine and then I noticed a stoppage in my data stream.
I’ve since changed out modems, SIM cards, and RPi. Nothing.
When trying to connect to the network I get a “Failed to start PP” error.
If I run the modem signal command I get 99,99
Red LED only on modems, no blue.
On my cell phone I am seeing 4 bars, so I don’t think the tower is the problem.
Anyone have any ideas on what I may try or look into next?

US carriers have begun phasing out 2G and 3G service so you may lose support on the U201. Where are you located? AT&T has already shut down their network but T-Mobile is staying up until the end of the year.

I’m located in East Texas and looking at the article you linked to, I’m guessing that’s the issue.
It was an AT&T signal I was using.
Well, thanks for stopping me from pulling my hair out trying to figure out the problem.
Do you have any suggestions for a different modem that would be the easiest to just swap out for the SARA-U201 considering form factor and any other pertinent issues?

We have an LTE Cat-M version of the Nova here: https://www.digikey.com/short/0c0fjzm7

Cat-M does have some limitations though so depending on your application you can search around for LTE Cat-1. There are a couple options out there.