LTE Cat-1,Cat4,and NB-IoT network data in Canada


Did anyone know LTE Cat-1,Cat4,and NB-IoT in Canada Rogers, Bell, Telus’s net work data?I know mobile-phone use network data APN to embedded in code, I can find 2G and LTE APN.

how about NB-IoT data?

Anyone can provide LTE-M and NBIOT network data information to me? thanks.

I would like to follow up on this as I have just received my Sparkfun LTE shield for Arduino with a Hologram sim. May I ask what carrier have you tried with LTE-M service in Western Canada?

Did you use a regular LTE sim from the telcos instead of the Hologram sim?

I got mine to work with Rogers. It seems they are the only supported Canadian carrier.

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