LTE Cat-M1 Canada

All major carriers in Canada (Bell, Rogers, Telus) now have LTE M1 networks rolled out. Bell has had it rolled out since October of 2018. When can we expect Hologram to support LTE M1 in Canada?

Have you tried it? I know in many regions Cat-M1 works even if not officially supported (I can confirm Cat-M1 works in Australia with Telstra even though not listed). It looks like in Canada Hologram has agreements with Rogers, SaskTel, and Videotron so you may be able to get on Roger’s network.

If you can let me know as I would like to be able to use Cat-M1 devices in Canada as well.

We are currently using Bell SIM’s directly from Bell however I was wanting to try Hologram in a few devices. I suppose we could put a Rogers SIM in and see if it works.

No I mean just try the Hologram simcard and see if that works. Hologram simcards may be able to connect to the Rogers Cat-M1 network in Canada but “unoficially” meaning the only way to know is to try it. You can get a free Hologram simcard and 1MB/Month through their developer program.

We’re also interested in this – would like to use a BG96 modem in Canada. I’m not located in Canada, so I can’t just try it – would appreciate any information on this subject.