LTE CAT M1 connectivity

We are using Hologram SIM card in USA(unit 2 Bentonville) with our own IOT hardware, Hardware consists of Quectel BG96 LTE CATM1/NB-IOT module. By default, the device has taken T-mobile 2G network.
How to get connected with LTE CAT M1 network, Is there any configuration to be made in SIM card or in the IOT device.
Kindly do help.

2G can sometimes be faster to come up so the modem tends to lock onto it. If you consult the documentation for the BG96, there’s a way to force it to only use Cat-M1 if that is what you want.
We have some commands that have worked in the past:


You should check those in the documentation though to make sure its what you’re looking for.

Thanks Reuben,
If I force module to connect with LTE CAT M network, does it still can fall back to 2G if in some time LTE CAT M network is not available.
My requirement is My device when it is switched on it should take the LTE CAT M network, Only if there is no network connection to LTE CAT M then it should automatically should take 2G network.


I think those settings might turn off 2G completely. There may be a way to prioritize Cat-M first though. You should check the BG96 documentation. It looks like someone may have replied in your other thread on some other commands to try.

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