Do I need to request specifically to have LTE CAT M1 enabled for my Hologram SIM card?

I’m trying to link up a uBlox R410M.


Nope, LTE-M1 is turned on by default, no configuration of the simcard is necessary. I have many devices in the US and Australia using the R410M and I did zero interaction with Hologram besides provisioning the SIM.

What country are you in? Are you sure there is LTE-M1 in your area (if you are in the US and have Verizon LTE in your area you have M1 for sure). You may need to configure the modem for one of the carriers (in US I suggest AT+UMNOPROF=3 for Verizion, then AT+CFUN=15 to reboot). I had trouble registering with the default profile of 0.


Thanks @AndrewGifft, great answer like always!

Just to add a little more color to this, we do have a small handful of old SIMs that might not get LTE connection directly. These are mostly old Konekt branded SIMs from the days before we became Hologram, but some of the older Hologram SIMs might have this too. If you ordered your SIMs after September of 2017 you should be fine.

Location is also a big factor as we still don’t have global Cat-M1 access.

Lastly, if you have any doubts feel free to email with your SIM numbers and we can double check this for you.



I bought the SIM only a few weeks ago.

I’m in Sweden.



it looks like Sweden went with NB-IOT for their IoT technology deployment and no M1. So you wont be able to connect with LTE-M1 but the uBlox SARA-R410M does support NB-IoT. Technically Hologram also supports NB-IoT but it may not be across all carriers. @Maiky will have to speak to NB-IoT support in Sweden.

On your end, make sure you are configuring the modem for NB-IoT and look up which of the following carriers are in your area with NB-IoT support (this may help figure out how to configure the modem, such as frequency band):

  • Hi3G
  • Telia
  • Tele2
  • Telenor

You can find Hologram’s supported carriers at This will be your best bet to get the modem on the network.

Best of luck, I’d be interested in the process of getting NB-IoT working, LTE-M1 is pretty easy but I don’t have experience with NB-IoT


Hey sorry for taking so long to respond.

Globally the NB roaming scenario isn’t fully standardized yet, so we don’t have a list of carriers we connect to with NB-IoT. Having said that, because the roaming scenario hasn’t been worked out a few carriers have opened their networks. My best advice here is to give your Hologram SIM a shot and see if it works.

We should have more information on this in the next few months.



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