LTE CatM1 Coverage in USA

Hi, i have read some old topics about the LTE CatM1 in USA with Verizon/AT&T.
I would like to know if anybody here know if the provider have already upgrade all their cells to LTE M1 (and in this case I could use their LTE coverage map !) or if some cells are not LTE IoT compatible?

If you have some feedback about LTE M1 in Hawaii, i listen you :))

Many thanks by advance!


Getting accurate information about MNO geographical coverage from the MNOs is, simply put, impossible. They all love to talk about the percent of the population covered by their networks, but never talk about the percentage of the land area they cover. I’ll add that 63% of the US population lives in cities and those cities comprise 3.5% of the US land area. Earlier this month the FCC determined that T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Verizon lied about the geographical coverage of the their 4G networks.

There is at least one group trying to provide accurate coverage information: They have created an app for crowd sourcing coverage information. I have no position on the accuracy of their coverage maps or their goals.

Thank you, but i would know especially for the LTE IoT Cat M1 coverage, and all the maps found, i have only the LTE/GSM coverage (and not the LTE IoT)

Yes, me too. One open question: Does all the LTE equipment (from particular MNOs) hung on towers support Cat M1? I don’t know, but it is certainly possible. Maybe someone else who knows can chime in.

It’s only a software upgrade on the cells normally. But for example here in France, the LTE M1 is only deployed by “Orange”. They have 66.000 cells for LTE, but only 22.000 with LTE M1 enable.
For NB.IoT, only “SFR” deploy this tech, and they have 60.000 cells for LTE, and only 17.000 with NB.IoT.

:frowning: I think I will have to go to Hawaii to test myself!

I’m back from Hawaii.
Verizon & Sprint provide a full coverage of Oahu and Molokai Island. The LTE M1 is also deployed on Maui Island.