LTE-M eDRX In Canada on Rogers

We have a LTE-M device and are able to get network connectivity in Canada on the Rogers network using the Hologram SIM. The issue is that the network is now allowing us to negotiate an eDRX interval for low power operation.
From my research it appears that some carriers do now allow for PSM and eDRX on “roaming” SIMs. Is that what the issue is here? Without eDRX and PSM being supported the LTE-M network is not usable for our application.

Yeah this is very dependent on the local carrier. Here in the US, eDRX is enabled for our SIMs on all the major carriers, but it may not be enabled on Rogers in Canada yet. A lot of carriers are still changing around many of the specific Cat-M options and so its possible they’ll enable it at some point in the future, but we don’t have much of a view into what their plans are there.