Maximum supported # of simultaneous TLS MQTT connections

We are currently attempting to develop an IoT gateway that will use the Nova 3g USB modem as the cellular connection for the gateway. To do what we need to do, we must sustain 5 simultaneous basic TLS MQTT connections, which we have run into trouble accomplishing with other cellular chips.

Can anyone confirm from experience or from documentation that the above is possible? It would be very much appreciated.

Are you planning to do this by setting up the modem as a PPP device or by using the network stack on the modem itself? It’ll probably work fine with PPP since the modem in that case is just passing through each connection.
(Keep in mind though that 3G bandwidth and latency won’t be great so make sure you can handle that)

Planning on using a raspberry pi as the gateway device, so I believe the modem is used as a PPP device. Bandwidth and latency shouldn’t be an issue, as very small quantities of data are being passed back and forth for this application.

That seems like it should be ok, although I haven’t tested with that many MQTT connections at once personally. 5 doesn’t seem like it should be a big deal though and MQTT is pretty low overhead

Good to know, many thanks for sharing Reuben. That said if any others have experience related to this please reach out, always good to get more information.

@Charles_Modrich, I don’t have the experience you are looking for but I am very curious about the use-case. Is your Raspberry Pi going to be connecting to 5 separate MQTT brokers? Or do you need to establish 5 connections to the same broker with different client ID’s?

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