Meaning of `LAST ACTIVE` on the dashboard?


What is the exact meaning of the LAST ACTIVE timestamp on the dashboard?

Is the the last time the device had power and was in signal range of a compatible cellular network?

Or is it the last time the device successfully sent or received user data?

Is there a way o check if a device is currently powered up and Connected to a cellular network?

Is there an SMS “ping” on the Nova modem where I can send it a specially formatted SMS message that will cause the modem to automatically reply so I know that it currently has cellular connectivity?



It’s the last time the device was connected to the APN. It also updates periodically throughout a session as more data is transferred and when the session ends.

That type of ping isn’t built in but could be made with the SDK. I think some people on the forum have done similar things so maybe someone can post an example here


Oh and to answer your other question, the dashboard will indicate if the device is currently connected (within maybe a minute of connecting) but that’s based on being on the APN and not just the tower


Under what conditions does a modem connect to the APN (or not)?

Does this happen anytime a properly configured modem has power and is in signal range of a compatible network?

Or does it require some handshaking with the device the modem is connected to?

I am specifically using a Nova Global Cellular Modem 3G/2G (U201), but looking to try to generally understand the nomenclature and dependencies in this system.



It needs to be on the APN to send data. Not needed for SMS.
It’s an extra step on top of the tower connection.
(Note that this is different in 4G/Cat-M)

Whenever you send a message or connect to the network with our SDK it’s all taken care of automatically

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