Messages sent over WIFI to CLOUD and cellular network as fallback

Instead of always using the cellular network through the Nova modem,I have now the option to send a message over WIFI with some code that I wrote in javascript (node.js).

Idea here is to use WIFI when it’s available and fall-back on cellular when WIFI it’s not available
and still take advantage of the cloud storage ,dashboard and data-router.

Do you see any issue in this approach ?

Thank you-Claude

Hey Claude! So are you hoping to send all of the data to the same endpoint? Is it via our data engine or is it a 3rd party solution like AWS?

Any chance the code is online?

No.The code is not online and yes I do use the same endpoint and leverage your data engine :wink:
Code is not online because did not take the time to clean it and also wandering if you will be OK that I expose how you “encrypt” the payload .Currently ,you don’t provide the source code of the encryption algo in the Python library :blush:

Obviously ,when a message is sent over WIFI, it does not affect the usage and last active time displayed on your dashboard which is specific to the usage of the cellular network.So,it’s free when I use WIFI…

I still see the messages sent in the console and they are processed as any other messages by your data engine.Can check the activity of my dashboard… No usage for the past 2 days but plenty of messages processed by your data-engine in the past 2 days .

The advantage of what I am doing is to be able to leverage your dashboard features/data engine regardless of how it’s transmitted : WIFI/INTERNET or cellular network

Are you OK with this ?

Thank you Claude

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