Method of powering the Nova USB

I am using a Hologram Nova with a Raspberry Pi (B+). In bad coverage conditions the Nova draws more current than the Pi can provide, resulting in a crash. Are there any pads on the Nova board that allow me to supply power directly to it or do I have to use a powered USB hub?

Never mind: resolved this by adding the following lines to /boot/config.txt:

# Allow more power to be drawn from the USB ports, needed for cellular modem max_usb_current=1

Hey Rod,

As an addition to this, I just wanted to point out that we recommend using 2.4+ amp power supplies to power a device hosting a Nova to avoid brownouts. Specially with the 2g/3g Nova, the power draw is substantial during information transmission so you want to avoid a peak during transmission from affecting your hardware.


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Understood, I am aware that cellular 2G/3G can have high peak currents during transmit in poor coverage conditions. Those using any cellular module (this is in no way specific to the Nova) with a Raspberry Pi or similar platform that might be weedy in the USB power supply department just need to be aware of this and take appropriate action.

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