Missing web page

This page is missing -

referenced by: https://help.hologram.io/hologram-nova/troubleshooting/sending-at-commands-to-your-nova

This has been a while now - dang you guys must be busy.
Thanks !
Rich & Jeff @ carousel media Group

Hey @renroth,

Just fixed that. The missing page’s URL is https://help.hologram.io/hologram-iot-sim-card/advanced-troubleshooting/an-introduction-to-at-commands.

Thanks for the heads up!


Thanks Maiky
I have a NEW issue today, can’t tunnel using spacebridge, get this errorSpaceERROR
I have so much work to do but I can’t connect to my fleet of novas.
I’ll keep looking for the answer in the meantime.
My email is renroth@printedcircuits.com
skype richenroth

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