MMSC, Proxy, Port, Username, Password settings for MMS on game camera?


Hello, I’m trying to configure a game camera to be able to send MMS messages, but the send keeps failing and I’m presented with multiple options under “MMS settings”. For clarification, there are different settings menus for “MMS” and “3G”. 3G only includes APN, Username, and Password, but MMS adds the settings MMSC, Proxy, and Port.

I’m using as the APN, and leaving the MMSC, Proxy, Port, Username and Password fields blank, and receiving a 104 error (Network Registration Timed Out), so I must have some settings wrong. The default Proxy (auto-configured from an AT&T SIM) is, Port 80. These settings along with the APN also returned the 104 error.

I can send emails over 3G/SMTP fine using the same APN, but MMS fails to send every time. Any assistance would be a huge help. Thanks


Hello Greg,

Hologram SIM cards are not able to send MMS messages, only Data and SMS. Therefore, I would recommend sending your images over data if possible.