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I have several questions about which AT commands to use to help the Nova register on a network and, after registration, how to determine which network allowed registration.


Assume I am using a SIM card which supports registration with multiple MNOs. If I want to give the Nova greatest latitude in registration what is the best MNO profile setting? Here is the sequence of AT commands I use:

AT+COPS=2                    (deregister)
AT+UMNOPROF=<X>              (specify MNO)
AT+CFUN=15                   (reset device)

My queston is should I replace <X> in the +UMNOPROF command with:

1  (SIM ICCID Select)

I believe the “1 SIM ICCID Select” is a new option in the latest firmware, and it is the value I should specify. I believe the value 0 was the correct value with the prior firmware (not specifying an MNO allowed the device to choose any available). Is my understanding correct?

Discovering Currently Registered MNO

After the Nova R410 (using latest firmware) successfully registers, I would like to know with which MNO the Nova registered.

Assume I have selected MNO profile 1 (as described above). Assume the Nova has registered with a MNO (the red LED is blinking slowly). Now I want to know to which MNO the Nova has registered? How can I find out?

I know that I can scan for providers,


and the returned information identifies each provider and also includes a <stat> field for each provider where,

<stat> = 2

indicates the provider is the currently registered one. The problem with this approach is that the +COPS=? command typically takes 90 - 180 seconds.

Is there a quicker way using different command(s)?

I considered using the +CREG? command, but my understanding of the documentation is that it will report whether or not the Nova is registered, but won’t indicate with which MNO the device is registered.

I considered using the +UCGED command, but for the R410M-02B only modes 0 (disable) and 5 (show RSRQ and RSRP values) are allowed, and they don’t provide registration information.

I can’t help but think that I am overlooking some useful command which answers my question. Any suggestions are appreciated.

AT+COPS? (note the lack of an =) should return the currently connected MNO.

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