Modem can't send data until reboot

We are experiencing an issue where the Dash modem will sometimes not send data after a few days. We have about 20 devices deployed with the same firmware at fixed locations. The cell service seems fine at the locations. The problem is happening after several days on some devices and never on others. When the device stops sending data it will also not respond to an sms “ping back” however we know the user code is still running via a debug LED which still flashes when data is sampled.

We are operating in a potentially high EMF environment and are in the process of adding some filters to the power supply and ADC lines. We are also adding a sd card logger to some devices which we hope might help us get to the bottom of it. I wanted to also check here and see if anyone has experienced anything like this or if there might be some internal debugging network info which hints at what is going on.


Hi @tyler can you DM with a few SIM #s and timelines of when devices stopped sending data that we can investigate?


I should have some log data from our device soon - I am suspecting this might be related to EMI on the power line.