Multiple Data to thingspeak

I am unable to forward 2 data to thingspeak. I used JSON to send from Arduino to Dashboard. Anyone willing to help solve this issue? Thanks.

Something like this should work…

In the Konekt Dashboard:
Advanced Webhook Builder (Your Own App)

Payload for POST

In your sketch:


In ThingSpeak:
You can label the Field 1 chart as age, and the label the Field 2 Chart as weight.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Here’s another point I should mention: Thingspeak will only allow you to update a single channel every 15 seconds. You can have multiple fields per channel, so just make sure your Arduino sketch is sending al fields together (as per my post above), or wait more than 15 seconds between updates.

Alright I will tried it out Thanks!

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I have followed every thingspeak thread on this forum… still cant get data to show up on the graph.

I get the data to show up on the Data Logs, and my routing is enabled:

Advanced Webhook Builder (Your Own App):<>”

And im doing this in the dash pro code:

SerialCloud.println ((String)old_pres);

Data Logs:

1396, String, 8 Bytes

The 1396 does not plot on the graph for field1…

Any help would be appreciated.

So I think it got stripped out by the forum, but just want to confirm that you have field1=<<decdata>>
(Backticks prevent things from showing up weird)

Also, what tags are you matching?

yes I have those backticks in place.

What tags?? are those supposed to match with thingspeak?

The tags on the advanced webhook. It’s how the route knows which messages to route. Try putting _SOCKETAPI_ in there.

Reuben, you did it again!!

Thanks, been at this for hours.

Glad to help out. I’m sorry it’s not more obvious. We need to improve our docs.