Multiple webhooks for same device?



Is it possible to set multiple webhooks for the same device? Let’s say I’d like to send SMS messages from my Dash Pro, but also post JSON data to my webserver, and potentially also send HTTP requests to another third-party server, etc.

Is this what the “Subscribed Tags” thing is meant for, so messages from the same device can be filtered and passed to the correct service? Is there a list of valid tags, can I create my own? If so, how do I set these tags in my device software?


Yep, you can set as many webhooks for a device as you want using tags. Custom tags are coming soon, but for now, you can use:
_SOCKET_API_ => Matches all Dash devices (or anything using our TCP socket cloud API)
_DEVICE_<deviceid>_ => Fill in the device id (viewable if you click the plus sign next to your SIM info)


But there’s no way I can set multiple tags for the same device?


So to do what you want, you don’t need multiple tags per device, you can make multiple rules that all listen on the same tag. So let’s say your device is ID#100, you can make an SMS rule and an Email rule and a webhook rule that all listen to _DEVICE_100_


Maybe I’m really confused, but won’t they all receive and act on the same data in that case?

e.g. I’d like to send “Battery low!” as an SMS and {‘V1’: 45.6,‘A1’: 2.3, ‘Temp’: 22.4} to my own datalogging server, but I wouldn’t want my phone to get the JSON data or my server to get the text message.


Oh, no, I’m the one misunderstanding you. So yeah, in this case you would want custom tags where you specify a specific tag when you send from the Dash for whatever data you’re sending.

That unfortunately isn’t ready yet, but it’ll be coming in an upcoming firmware update.


OK, thank you. Don’t suppose there a public development roadmap or anything like that?