NB-IOT network support


I am in Ottawa, Canada and have an NB-IOT module using band 5. I am attempting to connect to the network using the SIM that I purchased from Hologram but am unable to connect. I have two questions:

  1. Do you have any visibility of the NB-IOT support from different carriers? In Ottawa, the Hologram SIM seems to be attached to the Rogers network.

  2. Are you officially supporting NB-IOT on your network at this point?



Interested in the same questions.

@longtimer I’m also in Ottawa. Curious what board are you using that supports NB-IoT?

We are planning on using the Quectel BC95. We have samples but they are so far not useful giving the lack of carriers. We have the BG96 on back order from Quectel as well since it supports CAT-M,NB-IOT and GSM-GPRS.

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This might not apply in Canada, but in Australia the carriers are requiring special NB-IoT SIMs for NB-IoT connectivity here. We recently tested at the Telstra IoT Innovation Lab and were able to connect to their NB-IoT network but only after using a SIM they provided. The standard Telstra M2M SIM didn;t even work.

So I suggest you query your carrier as to whether they are openly supporting NB-IoT or if it need special access.

that is expected

NB-IOT Sims and Modems work differently from 4G LTE.

@longtimer - i am also waiting for a Vodafone Australia NB-IOT to test with Quectel BC95



I am in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and, currently, I am planning on buying NB-IoT module and use Hologram SIM to connect, so I was wondering if you had any luck connecting for any of the carriers in Canada and if yes, did you have to go through any extra steps to do so?


I love Canada, my wife is Canadian and I’ve been vacationing there since I was a boy.

Unfortunately, sad to share I personally have no knowledge of M1/NB infrastructure upgrades coming to the country except for the M1 plans Bell announced.

This is not an official Hologram statement as we may have confidential deals in progress which I’m not aware of.

Also, from the comments above about SIM compatibility. Our SIMs are extra special. If we support the carrier then most likely NB and M1 will just work. This has been verified in both the US and Europe.

Old thread but Bell appears to have launched their M1 network (best I can guess since they have a large, splashy, website dedicated to it now) but Bell isn’t listed as a partner website for you Hologram (yet??)

I tried speaking with a Rogers rep, but they were pretty useless. He referred me to the wikipedia page, but didn’t have any useful info for it they were implementing a NB-IoT or LTE-M network at all…

Have you guys made any progress with your project?

I also stumbled upon Bell’s IoT page and have sent a request for more details. Hopefully I can get a SIM and data plan to test it out. I’ve also heard Telus is rolling out their M1 network as well. I’ll keep you posted.

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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to chime in here and let you know that everyone here at Hologram is working hard to shed more light on the state of Cat-M1/NB-IoT networks in Canada and the rest of the world. As you are aware Cat-M1/NB-IoT is still relatively new and we haven’t heard much from our Canadian partners’ plans to deploy those new technologies. Having said that, there is a lot happening in the global Cat-M1/NB-IoT sphere which should give us more insight into how everything will shake out in a few months time.


Finally some news from Rogers. Rolling out in Ontario this year…


We recently received some Estimote LTE beacons, and one of them seems to have paired with a Rogers Wireless Hologram carrier (in Ottawa).