Network Radio(s)

What’s happing ALL.
OK, so …
I have a network radio, this is a radio that uses IP to access like Zello and other voip services. It is a TYT 2g/3g walkie talkie, model W700 (WCDMA Radio). I see the radio is connecting to a TMobile tower Without IP access.

My hologram dashboard sees the SIM and it is active (hardware) and not connecting to a tower, network or the internet.

the radio has a model number of SOTEN_XL01A. Running 4.4.2 android, a baseband of MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V43 with a kernel of 3.4.67

So what ya’all think? I hope all are having a good holiday.

Any hologram user groups in the chicago area?


I was going to delete the last post i made, though i SOLVED my issue. Of course it was an APN issue :slight_smile:

I thought others may want to talk about network radios as well.

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