Network registration succeeds, then fails, then succeeds.

I have a test running in our lab experiencing a behavior preventing deployment. Device uses a Quectel BG95-M3 module and a Hologram SIM operating as CAT-M1 device only IPv4. Typically the carrier is AT&T but occasionally the module grabs T-Mobile. The scenario below is occurs on about 9 out of 10 device starts (reset being performed by AT+FUNC=1,1)


  • The device will successfully register with the AT&T network. AT+CEREG returns 0,5
  • The device is able to talk IP, pings are successful
  • Within about 20-30 seconds the device will loose network connectivity. AT+CEREG returns 0,2 then 0,3
  • After about 3-5 minutes the network returns and then holds

Any suggestions on how to anticipate the network failure after ~20 seconds or to accelerate the wait for the return of the network

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