new Hologram SIM stuck on "Activating"

Trying to get started with my first Hologram SIM. Went through the activation process, all was fine until I clicked “Activate 1 SIM”. According to the instructions, “Your SIMs should now be in a ‘Live’ state with a green circle indicator and ready to connect anywhere on our Hologram global network”. I’ve been waiting about an hour but my SIM is not “Live”, the Dashboard says it is “Activating”. Does it just take time for the SIM to get from Activating to Live or is something wrong?

Hi, we had a few SIMs stuck in the queue this morning but just pushed things through. Your SIM should show LIVE within a couple minutes. If it doesn’t light up, please let us know.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, my dashboard now shows the SIM as live. I put the SIM into a cell phone to test it, set the APN to hologram, and turned on Data Roaming, but there does not appear to be a data connection. Dashboard says Live, not Connected. The notification box on the phone says “Hologram - emergency calls only”, the web browser says Offline, and no bars are showing.

How to get this SIM up and running?

Hey Billdz,

Can you please email with your SIM number, location, and phone model so we can take a look at this.


Email sent, thanks.


Just checked your SIM and it shows up fine on the network. Your location also gets good phone coverage. As far as your device goes, can you try going to the APN section and hitting ‘Reset to Default’ from the menu options. Your device should automatically set our APN so you don’t have to set it manually.


tried it with a different phone and it worked immediately on the second phone, a Samsung Grand Prime. Then I put it back in the first phone, the Nexus 5, and this time it connected.

Dashboard says I have already used 9MB, does that seem right? All I did was send an SMS and look at the home page of


Now says I have already used 20MB and my account has been paused. The phones were on for less than 10 minutes.

That sounds about right if you’re browsing the internet on a phone. uses a lot of data and your phone is probably doing a whole bunch of stuff in the background like syncing email and checking for updates that uses a whole lot too.

I wasn’t browsing but you must be right, it must have been syncing email and checking for updates.

I paid additional money and my account now has a positive balance but it still says Paused in my Dahboard. How to reactivate?

It can take a few minutes for the billing system to wake up the SIM.

Oh, also looking at your SIM it looks like overage limiting is currently turned on so that must have kicked in as well to prevent you from getting more charges. If you turn that off then the SIM should unpause within a few minutes.

Yes thanks, when I turned off overage limiting it unpaused almost immediately.

When in the phone, the SIM connected to AT&T. I have now removed the SIM from the phone and placed it into a GPS tracker that only works T-Mobile’s 2G network. It does not appear to be connecting to TMO on its own, is there something else I need to do to get it to connect?

Did you set the APN? Most GPS trackers require that to be done manually via SMS

The problem is probably something with the APN or port or other setting, but this particular tracker does not say anything about how to set. With the TMO sim, it just worked, no SMS needed.

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