Newbee Question about mobile carriers

I am totally new to LTE…

I do understand that there are costs associated with number of devices sending data over Hologram network and the amount of data, and these is payable to Hologram.

How about my carrier (T-Mobile). When I will have my newly-built device and want to receive data from other device through my carrier T-Mobile will I have to pay T-Mobile for another/additional account? Or since I will have Hologram SIM I will just receive data from T-Mobile to my device and pay nothing additional to T-Mobile besides my normal cellular bills?

Hopefully, I did not make a full of myself with this question…

If I understand your question correctly, you’re asking if you have to pay two bills or just pay hologram for using a hologram SIM.
The answer is no. We have roaming agreements with the local carrier so we pay them and you pay our plan pricing. If you are using a Hologram SIM in your device you can roam on many different carriers and you do not have to deal with them directly. Everything is handled through our dashboard.

That’s beyond Great…that’s Super!

…so once I bought and setup LTE device, what kind of data will I be able to receive and send via LTE
and through your network:

  1. Text messaging?
  2. Voice?
  3. Video?
  4. IoT data/measurement from sensors?
  • Is there any tutorial for beginners that will get me familiar with LTE capabilities in general and Hologram platform in particular, libraries/API, desktop clients? Use cases and applications, etc.?
  • Is there any recommended LTE devices/dev-boards? With Python/MicroPython/C/C++ capabilities?

The main aim here is for IoT applications so we don’t usually do voice (though for large deployments you might be able to contact our sales team to discuss)
SMS and data are both supported.
I’d suggest reading through our guides at and at
This specific one might be a good starting point:

Basically any unlocked cellular device should work, so you may want to go with whatever you prefer but take a look around the forum here for an idea of what other people are using.

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