Newbie not getting it

Hello chaps,
I am brand new having just received my first batch of 50 Holo SIMs, a Nova and a Dash.
My primary interest is in replacing the current SIMs in my tracking fleets to give me more control.
Wanting to test first, I registered the first SIM, funded it, stuck it in my tracker and…nothing.
Read a bit more, figured maybe I need to change the APN, sent the appropriate code by SMS through the dashboard - “success” but still nothing.
Am I expecting it to be too easy? I know that I can substitute a local SIM for the current “global SIM” I use and get online almost instantly.
I’m sure I’m being dumb but I am going to have to send a bunch of Zambians out on motorcycles to effect the changeovers (don’t get me started on my vehicles in Saudi, UAE and Oman!), so I neeed to have the process down to as simple a procedure as possible.
Thanks for your time.

Being new to the platform, I have no idea if sending SMS commands (from the dashboard) to the appropriate SIM works and whether to expect a response in the dashboard (when the device confirms the command and the result thereof). I tried adding my mobile number in the “From Number” box but still nothing.
I suspect that, despite being Zone 1, that I have no GSM connectivity to any of the three local mobile networks.
It begs the question as to why the SIMs are not sent out with the hologram APN pre-configured?

Hi @sk1pper and sorry about the delayed response.

It sounds like this could be a hardware setup issue. What hardware are you using?

A couple things to clarify about our SIM:

  • If you send an SMS from our dashboard you’ll get a success message when the message successfully enters the carrier. This does not mean the message was delivered as that would require the device being turned on.
  • Our SIM does come pre-configured with our APN set but that does not guarantee the hardware will use it.

Hope this helps.

Hi Ben,
thanks for the response. We are looking to these SIMs to replace our current global data provider in our vehicle and asset tracking devices.
I did finally work out how to get the SMS messages to the devices through the dashbard and also how to read their replies.
Currently I suspect that the main issue is the carrier that Holgram works with here. Zamtel, the state-owned carrier, is notoriously bad and has a much smaller network and is far less reliable than its two larger competitors, MTN and Airtel, that are both regional giants.

We have been succesful in sending SMS commands to our tracking units through the dashboard facility ad receiveig the responses under the “Activity” panel.
Our commands are certainly configuring the trackers correctly (which we prove by simply swapping oout to a local SIM card) but we do not seem to be using any GPRS even though the devices are DEFINITELY configured for GPRS.
Is there someting else we need to do on the platform to activate the GPRS functionality? I am using no data but spending a fortune on SMSs!!

Thanks for the update @sk1pper. Glad you got SMS working.

I’ll pass these carriers to our product team.

GPRS is available to all SIMs after a successful activation (which it sounds like you’ve done).

Does your firmware interact directly with a modem by issuing AT Commands? Interested in helping you more if I can.


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