Newbie questions about Dash

I don’t own a Hologram Dash yet, but I have two questions before purchasing one.

(1) In deep sleep mode, what is its current draw? I want to work on an IOT project that requires keeping the sensor alive for as long as possible, so this is an important feature to me. Particle claims to only have around 200uA so I wonder how the Dash compares.
(2) For flashing firmware, is it possible to have it queue up in the cloud if the Dash is sleeping, so that it will automatically download it from the cloud the next time it comes online?

Hello Vitesze,

Please see my answers to your questions below:
(1) Lab-observed deepSleep current is 350uA. Here is the full data sheet.
(2) Out OTA updates are delivered via the circuit switched network so they will be queued until your device is back online.


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