Newbie routing question

I want to send data to hologram and configure a route. Either send an email or post to my own web application. I can set a hook to my device id, and all that through the interface but the most basic of questions: how does hologram “see” the message . . . What do I send from my device, and in what format / protocol?? I can send an http post directly to my web server from my device over the hologram network, and set a route to send an email when traffic from my device is observed, but the route never kicks in . . . I don’t get that most basic part and can’t find any documentation. Thanks.

OK, so I did some more research, and found the following ( where it says re: webhooks “The request body must contain a data field with a string value. This value gets emitted to the device on the configured port.” So, it seems to be saying that if I create a script (lets say on a web server) that sends (via this webhook URL) a field named “data” with a value that value will be sent to my device with the hologram SIM. I should be listening on the specified port, on my device witht he SIM, for this data. Or I could use a route to catch that data coming in via the webhook and send an email, or whatever else routes can do . . . am I missing something?

That documentation also says “Replies - If the device sends data back through the socket connection after receiving a message, it gets sent as a message to the Data Router.” So, if I understand that correctly then if my device sends a reply then that reply would have to be caught by a route if I wanted to so something with it.

Am I understanding this? Thanks

I think this might be more what you’re looking for:

All the messages you send to that can have topics attached that trigger a route

This is also useful:

Yes, thanks. Your responses are helpful.

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