No Data communication


I’m having this gps tracker that requires IOT sim in order to locate the device.

New GF-09 Mini GPS Tracker APP Control Anti-Theft Device Locator Magnetic Voice Recorder For Vehicle/Car/Person Location

My sim card is activated and with state “Live”.

But there is no singnal.

Where is the problem?
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The device looks like it supports only 2G:

Network standard: GSM / GPRS

If you are in a country without 2G coverage or with minimal 2G coverage (USA only has 2G with T-Mobile and coverage can be spotty). Then you are unlikely to get a signal. Also that device looks tiny, its unlikely it has a good antenna so even if there was 2G in the area it may have too poor of an antenna to actually connect unless you are very close to the tower.

Lastly make sure you set the APN correctly (I don’t know how to do this, you will have to look at instructions for the device itself).

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It seams that the gps tracker works fine with my phone sim card. So it’s not a problem of the device.
Maybe something else? :slight_smile:

Did you set the APN?

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