No longer receiving SMS

Hello, I have a Nova v23.60 that has been working flawlessly with my Debian Linux box since late 2017. However, the last time I’ve successfully received an SMS directly to my cell phone was about a month ago. Everything looks OK in regards to the modem’s operation; no failure messages are reported when using the hologram command line utility or the Python SDK. I’ve unplugged the Nova and plugged it back in and still, everything appears fine- it can receive messages and looks like it sends the SMS fine, but no SMS is ever received. Do you suppose it is AT&T? Or do I need to update firmware for some reason?

$ sudo hologram modem type
Type: Hologram Nova Global 3G/2G Cellular USB Modem (U201)

$ sudo hologram modem version
Modem version: 23.60,A01.01

$ sudo hologram modem signal
Signal strength: 14,3

$ sudo hologram modem operator
Operator: AT&T

Do you see the SMS messages when you click on the message bar at the bottom of the dashboard?

Hi Reuben, wow- thanks for the fantastic response time. Incredible!

Yes, I do see the SMS message, or attempt anyway- one thing I am seeing there now that I didn’t see at the time of last success is “APP #474 : Feature is not available for this organization. Please contact”.

Ah yeah, can you send us an email at that address and we’ll take a look at your account?

You got it. Thanks.

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