no phone calls in or out ? sms no problem.

no phone calls in or out ? sms no problem.
Am i missing something here sms only or can calls be made and received ? i bought phone number and did all apn settings but didnt seem to get a sms programming link and new hologram phone number not showing on phone. but sent test sms from hologram dash board to phone with no problems. but no calls in bound or outbound and tested other networks in area att seem the best here. but t mobile tower connects and sprint Verizon NO.

help ?

Hologram sims are intended for IoT (internet of things) / M2M (machine to machine) applications and they do not support standard cellular voice communication. See:

Note you can somewhat tell voice is not supported as there is no mention in the pricing, only for data and SMS.

Lastly you technically could use VoIP for for communication with apps like google voice, etc. but this is likely not what you intended.

HI @edwardjamesp as Andrew mentioned, our SIMs don’t support voice calls. The phone number is only for SMS. If you need voice service for your application we might be able to accommodate in certain countries, but it’s generally only in larger quantities, at least hundreds of devices. Reach out to if this is the case.

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