No sms in canada on new sims

Has anyone got any details on why sms is not supported on the new hologram sims ? I’ve been told that 3G supports sms, but if its lte, it doesnt. As 3G is going away, its odd that the go-forward lte has less features. I haven’t got any details from hologram about why.

Update: I’m told it’s an “upstream carrier” not supporting sms. It’s planned but no guarantee.

I’m having the same issue. I have customer in Canada with old SIMs that, far as I know, are still working. I don’t even think my canadian customers are getting connected with the Hyper SIMs. I am unable to connect, receive SMS, send data over TCP, but not send SMS here in Austin, Tx.

@avonree I would really appreciate your help… Are you seeing the same or different registrations statuses in Canada for CREG and CEREG? I’m afraid my Canadian customers’ units aren’t working with the new Hyper SIMs from Hologram because they’re using CREG and getting denied… so maybe they should be trying CEREG.

I can’t do over-the-air updates, so this is going to be an issue for me if that’s the case!

Many thanks!

Hyper sim took about 6-12 hours to be “active” although they were made active before delivery. CEREG and CREG both return 0,5 at some point (connected). SMS non functional, but data okay.

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