Non-blocking sendMessage()


In our application we want to do some work on a semi regular interval. However we also want to send out data to the Hologram Cloud at an 1 minute interval. Sometimes the sendMessage() call blocks a relatively long time and it therefore doesn’t allow us to do the work on our semi regular interval.

Would it be possible to have a non-blocking sendMessage() function? Or how could we go about in doing this ourselves?

In this case we are not particularly interested in if the data goes through or not. Eventually we might be able to use an attachHandler() like construction to still get the result of our sendMessage() call if we would want to.


I’m also interested in a non-blocking sendMessage, if possible. For now I check that HologramCloud.isConnected() returns true before attempting to send a message, otherwise continue adding new data to the message buffer with HologramCloud.print().

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