Not able to send or receive SMS

My Hologram sim is registered as Roaming on Verizon(US) network and it’s able to get and post data on websites. However, SMS doesn’t work. For SMS send I get Failed message. Below is the log-snippet:

00:23:19.194 -> FONA> s
00:23:43.775 -> Send to #+4477977xxxxx
00:23:47.034 -> Type out one-line message (140 char): test message at 4/27 1223
00:24:06.820 -> —> AT+CMGF=1
00:24:06.820 -> <— OK
00:24:06.858 -> —> AT+CMGS="+4477977xxxxx"
00:24:07.424 -> <— >
00:24:07.424 -> > test message at 4/27 1223
00:24:07.459 -> ^Z
00:24:17.920 -> Failed
00:24:17.920 -> FONA>

Any update would be appreciated. Is there anyway I can check whether, hologram SIM is able to send the SMS to the hologram-dashboard in the first place? That’ll allow me to confirm that SMS is being sent but the target SIM-card network is not able to accept the SMS message.

I am using Arduino SIM7000A shield and AT Commands as can be seen in the original post.

Have you tried it without the + at the front of the number? Some devices have trouble with that.

Yes, I tried without + at the front of the number and that failed too.

Ok and I’m assuming the "x"s aren’t there in the actual command?

Yes, x are actually a phone number. I am wondering if I can put the sim card in a cellphone and it’ll allow me to camp onto LTE network.

After changing the network to AT&T I am able to send SMSs. Thanks for the support.

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